Online Card Payment Infrastructure

Infrastructure is provided for the management of card payment that can be integrated to the virtual POS device of your company.

Virtual POS Device

A virtual POS device integrated with the online card payment system is provided to enable the intermediary services in the credit card/bank card payment of your customers. You can get online payments via VISA, Mastercard and Troy card schemes.

24/7 Money Transfer from Bank Account

Money transfer between bank accounts outside working hours is enabled with our domestic money transfer infrastructure. 

Card Information Storage Service

With our card storage service, you can securely store bank and credit card information in an encrypted form. Your customers' card information is stored on a secure recurring payment infrastructure with Level 1 PCI DSS certificate.Recurring payment schemes are supported such as weekly, monthly or for 3 months.

Cash-Back & Cashout

The cash-back setup provided when payment is made over the balance in the e-money account is supported

Pay by Link

With the 'Pay by Link' method, you can make sales on any platform 24/7 without having a website. You can get your payments quickly without technical integration.


Bank Account ERP Integrations

The Banking EFT infrastructure is transformed to a single API that can be integrated end-to-end. 

24/7 Collection

With the 24/7 payments from bank account, the payments received by wire transfer are instantly funded to the company’s bank account.

Lump Sum Payment

The lump sum payments coming to your institution and/or the lump sum payment transactions to be made by your institution are managed.

Customer Trust

Customers can use their information in all the dealers by making their card identified in the system of your company that they trust instead of giving their card information to dealers.