Large Discount Network


It covers the sharing of the discount agreements of Birleşik Ödeme with your dealer network or your customers.

Allowance Earning

The income deriving from our allowance commission fees, obtained through the expenditures of the card holders, is shared with your institution.

Campaign Management

More effective CRM management is made through MoneyBO campaigns

Reporting Portal

Simultaneous reporting is provided over ERP integrations.

Hande Özcan
Loyalty & Partnership Director
TESK & Birleşik Ödeme Cooperation: TESK Card
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Dealer/Customer Loyalty

Customers can reach all the necessary product information, customize your products from kiosks and complete their purchase rapidly.

New Revenue Channel

Your company obtains allowance income from the expenditures made by card holders at points offering Birleşik Ödeme advantages.

Contractual Merchant Relationship Management

Negotiations are made with the contractual merchants, desired to be integrated to the discount network, processes are carried on and the monthly reports are taken from member workplaces and communicated to your company.

Technical Integration


The way how consumers benefit from discounts can be established with or without card with technical integration.